Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The first day of work

I am intending to treat my month of Residency at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery as a full-time 'job', the first I've had in over 20 years! The family have been told, though already failing as no-one is taking ownership of the growing mountain of dishes! To that end, yesterday was my first big day! It did involve getting there late and a lunch with my husband, but nobodies perfect.

I did do some sampling. I have to try and work bigger than usual so brought in some big crochet hooks to work with and tried using the tape doubled.

I finally settled on which crochet hook felt and looked best. Unfortunately, not the biggest one, but big enough. I've already started on a rough circle for the bottom of my first 'nest'. It needs to be about the size I need to sit cross-legged on and is about the size of a seat....getting there.

I did my first drawing, it is tiny, but it is a nest! And I settled in a bit more.

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Leanne Cole said...

Look it came up in my reader, looks like a great space, have fun working in it.