Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Yarra Sculpture Gallery - Winter Residency

I was going to get all serious and talk about opportunity and risk, but....I'm just so excited....I am going to be a full-time artist for the month of June!

To explain...the Contemporary Sculptors Association runs residencies over the Summer months and Winter months at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery, in Collingwood. They've offered them again this Winter, the first being for June, and I'm one of the artists! You can see the previous residencies and see how much work they've done. Basically, you get 24 hour access to your studio/gallery space for the month. There is an open studio weekend and that's about it really. As I said, I get to be an artist for the month.

Here's my space:

 The aim of my project is to develop my High Rise works to life size. That's why I want the big space. I have no idea how much work I'm going to be able to get done in the time, but looking at the previous artists work, it seems quite alot.

I hope to get some drawing done, further explorations of ideas and materials and I hope to blog, more consistantly, about the whole experience.

And, here is my studio, ready to go!

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Mary said...

Woo Hoo!! Congratulations. It sounds rather challenging actually. How often do you plan on being in the space?