Monday, 23 December 2013

Grimshaw Street Studio

It's all too exciting.....not sure where to start, but here goes...

As part of the collaboration between Greensborough Chamber of Commerce and Renew Australia, the Greensborough shopping centre has become a project under the Renew Australia auspices.

Basically, what Renew Australia does is take "otherwise empty shops, offices, commercial and public buildings and make them available to incubate short term use by artists, creative projects and community initiatives." They are now working with the Greensborough Chamber of Commerce to use the vacant shops in the Greensborough town centre....and I've got one!

This is it, at 77 Grimshaw St.:

 Basically, on a month by month basis, for no rent, this is going to be my studio/gallery/workshop, where I will be for 5 days a week. (Currently, I don't have the hours, I do....but it seems a commitment if I tell people!?....) I aim to work on developing new products, new sculptures and engaging the community. I have to pay all the outgoings and figure out how to fit out the shop at low cost......but I am SOOOO excited!

Here is my first little installation with a little bit of information just to show that someone is coming. This is an unfinished sculpture called 'White house'. Once Christmas is over and family and friends have been welcomed and fed and the season celebrated, I will be cleaning, painting, getting electricity on and all the other things I keep thinking of....I have to rewrite my list because it's outgrown the small page!...for the opening on Tuesday the 7th January.

Whilst the shop is a little 'interesting' at the moment, it has great potential. In its previous life, it was a tattoo parlour, I'm not short of power points or lights! Under the blue, unlaid lino is a concrete floor, which should come up a treat. The walls will be filled and painted. Tables, chairs, artwork will adorn it and hopefully make it feel welcoming and interesting.

It has a lovely view, with some potential for a little yarn bombing and given that there is Greensborough Shopping Centre right behing the church over the road, quite a pleasant aspect.

So, I hope people come and visit me while I'm there.

Oh, and by the way, I know that there is at least one more space available, and they're hoping that the currently filled spaces will encourage other owners to join in, so if you're interested just go to the Renew Australia website and register your interest.


Leanne Cole said...

Looks Fantastic Teresa.

Teresa said...

Will do after scrub up and paint!