Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ideas that rattle

I've had this idea for a woven wall hanging rattling around in my head for ages, ever since I've been looking at birds nests, which must be nearly TWO years now. FINALLY, I managed to do a sample on my lovely 16-shaft loom.

It's perhaps not the best looking sample. I've never been very good at the good looking sample. I just need to see what happens when I try a few things and get sorted in my mind. Once I've done that I get bored pretty quickly with the sample.

However, they are worthwhile as the weaving in its' proper form in coming along nicely.

The weave is a honeycomb, which should collapse into nice little 'nests' when finished. I have no pattern and am just changing the elements as I go. I have two blocks of honeycomb and a block of tabby at each end. This allows me for all sorts of combinations of pattern.

I know the colour isn't quite right, but I hope you can see the subtle colour variations. There's going to be alot more happening, and I still haven't decided if it will need embellishing after I've finished weaving. Probably won't be able to until it's off the loom.

Isn't it wonderful having a studio that you have to work at. I'm hoping to finish it this week, in time for the opening!

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Moorecat said...

Love it, wish I could see it in real life.

How many dishcloths? 😉