Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm not buying any fibre or yarn in Bendigo!

As you can see, I set myself a pretty tough goal. The stash is just doing my head in, a little....

Success, I didn't buy any fibre!

Sock yarn doesn't count! That's just like buying clothes...not really stash!

And boucle yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Wasn't going to but a friend (?) mentioned the pink and black coco chanel jacket. Who could resist?
And the blue was different and I could mix the black with cream for that classic combination.

Three spools of silk from Yarn Barn in my favourite colourway....nothing to say!

And this isn't yarn, it's rubber and wool from Dairing. Knitted, ironed (with paper protection) looked amazing. Rough lace is the only way I can describe it. Anyway, it's an experiment, not stash.

I did manage to find some small equipment, this was on my list. I wanted more weave it looms and my favourite small tool maker is Petlyn fibre products and they had these little looms. I have two sets of their wool combs and they are always very helpful and their  products are beautifully made. More  playing and experimentation.

Anyway, I think I did ok. Now off to knit socks!

Monday, 21 July 2014

The strange things that come back from a sheep and wool show!

I made a vow not to buy any fibre or yarn from the Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo, my stash is starting to do my head in....must use up the old stuff! Did try my best...However, I allowed myself the pleasure of trying to find stuff, you know, tools books, etc.

It was, however the weird things that made it back from Bendigo that make it into this post.

Shopping in Bendigo Wholefoods, which was discovered last year, is such fun. I didn't need anything, but just had to get this frog tea holder....not the monkey one...such restraint! Twinings seem to not be selling my favourite tea, Orange Pekoe, so I just had to have something to go with my frog!

 Great restraint was shown at the show, but I just had to pick up this picture book on chickens. Who can resist a whole book of amazing chicken pictures? Inspired anyone?

We've been creating a minor stir in the wonderful eateries we've found.Bella Blue cafe & bar for lunch and The Foundry for dinner. Bella Blue was found this year through the Gluten Free in Bendigo website. I'm not gluten intolerant, but having a members of our crew who need to be careful, it provides the opportunity for serious searching, rather than just taking the first choice. Both places are great places to eat and Bella Blue ticks all my boxes for a fun, quirky coffee place....and I didn't even have a coffee there. (Hint: try the teas!)

Sitting at The Foundry of an evening, knitting and chatting, certainly creates a stir. To the point where we met one of the stall holders who showed us this clipping.

After some prompting, she told us, passionately, about her business having invented the safety peeler and combined with the safety knife to create a very interesting business. Did I say she was passionate, once started..... I love passionate people and is was a wonderful conversation. I'm going to try her knives. Pity I don't have small children, would have loved these with Stuart, my youngest ,the grazer.

Saturday was spent in the antique shops opposite the Bendigo Art Gallery, though a stop in the church op shop around the corner did yield a book on France.

And nestled amongst them was Libris, a book binding shop. Oh my....Had to get a bound notebook, something, anything. They have classes in bookbinding. Too late for this year, only two spots in November left. This will be 'My 1957' project...the year I was born Sketches in a monogrammed book. What fun!

I did end up getting some yarn, but more of that later.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Whales and textiles

One of the surprising finds was the Whaling Museum in Maui. Nestled  amongst the high-rise resorts was this excellent Museum. Small but jam-packed with information and artifacts including the wonderful display of needlework implements.

 I love the needlework  box, but the knitting needles, tatting shuttles, pincushions and more are just beautiful.

Made of baleen, which is capable  of being bent and made up corsets and such it’s a sad indication of how important the whaling trade was in many facets of society and industry. It’s such a optimistic view of humanity that we have turned around, acknowledged the past and made positive steps forward, as whale numbers increase and there are wonderful sanctuaries for these big creatures.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Quilting in Hawaii

Quilting has developed in Hawaii in a way that is particularly Hawaiian. Introduced in the 1820’s by missionaries, the women adapted this new craft to reflect the symbols of their past. I saw the relationship of the designs with those that were tattooed on many people in Hawaii, but they apparently hark back to tapa cloth, and the quilts use only a couple of colours and it is the motifs that form the impact.

I managed to pick up a book, ‘The Hawaiian Quilt: the Tradition Continues’ in Hanapepe, a lovely town on the island of Kauai in ‘ Talk Story’ the ‘western-most bookstore in  the United States’ Who could argue with that! Imagine reading in Hawaii, sheer luxury! Lazy days, warm weather, long sunny days, too hot to do anything else.

Of course I couldn’t pick up a quilt, like quilts all over the world, they’re made for love not money!

Amongst the treasures I picked up in Hawaii, is a little book on basketweaving. I didn’t find much evidence of traditional work, there must have been some. However, our friends from the US introduced us to the most amazing Hawaiian basket weaver, Mika McCann. She is of renown and we were lucky enough to meet her at the market under the Banyan tree in Lahaina. She’s self taught and creative and quirky and I should have bought one of her baskets.

A few regrets at the end of the trip. Not buying a Mika McCann basket, snorkelling at Mohaina reef and doing a proper canyon walk in Waimea canyon, and, should have had our own snorkelling gear, which would have taken care of a few other moments missed!