Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Birthdays and frost in Chewton

Friends we've known for years have exchanged gifts for our birthdays. As we've grown older and wish for less things, we've decided to give the gift of time and go out for dinner for each birthday, one couple shouting the other, depending on the birthday. Excellent evenings have been had.

And, even if it gets difficult at the time, the effort is made.

My husbands birthday fell whilst we were in Hawaii, so eventually, in the depths of Winter and a very cold Winter it has been this year, at times, they invited us to stay in Chewton at the family home. We've stayed there before, but not for quite a while.

Peter and I drove up on the Sunday, stopping at Trentham for lunch and a wander through the shops and a drink at the pub where a band was playing.

Dinner was to be in Castlemaine at the Public Inn, and a very good dinner by the fire was had.

The morning presented an amazing sight as it gets cold in Chewton and frost was everywhere. Perfect for a quick, it was cold, photo shoot.

As it warmed up, we went for a walk in the bush, lunch in Castlemaine with our friends, then off home. Happy.

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