Friday, 6 February 2015

Five on Friday - Chocolate Fleece

It's been a busy week, but no work has been done. The highlights were my youngest son coming home from his holiday in New Zealand and going to the movies with my mother, her Christmas present.

The movie was great....Cinema Nova run a series of beautifully filmed operas from the Met in New York. We saw the Barber of Seville. My mother loves opera and I get to learn a little more, then we have lunch, in this case.

Anyway, my Five on Friday is all about my chocolate fleece; well THREE chocolate fleeces. Given to me by a friend, surplus to a school's requirements, I thought I had three bags of fleece, but turns out to be three fleeces.

I've already given some away at Experimental Spinning, and am processing the rest of that fleece on my wool combs.

The fleece is not particularly good, all the best bits have gone. It is actually a lovely fleece, a bit dirty, but a really lovely chocolate, couldn't quite capture that.

 Part of the deal was to get better at using the wool combs. There's lots of rubbish left over.

Could do with an extra comb, but you end up with a lovely product, ready to spin.

25grams done, just want to get to 100 grams quickly!

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