Friday, 13 March 2015

Five on Friday - Five Finished Yarns

I did manage to do a bit of spinning over the Summer break. I have my Ashford Traveller permanently at our beach house, so I can swap bobbins between my two Ashford Wheels.

I've finally washed the skeins and reskeined half of them, all I have to do now is photograph, measure and put them on Etsy, the least enjoyable part of the job. Anyway, here they are:

A fibre sandwich from the Harrietville weekend, plyed with purple. Have more to go!

Alpaca, with knots throughout. Not my best knots, but always give that little extra texture.

Dyed wool from Kathy's Fibres, purchased at Bendigo, navaho plied to keep those gorgeous colours alive!

Dyed yarn from Experimental Spinning, plied with fine Polwarth from Tarndwarncoot. The fine single was not scoured, so was scoured AFTER plying. The two different fibres reacted differently and I manage to get a slightly more textured two ply.....deliberately!

This is English Leicester and was spun for a non-spinning Leanne who won it at a Harrietville weekend. I think we'll be able to make a pouch for phone and keys when she goes on one of her photographic expeditions.

I've now started several more spinning projects....but I must finish the Samoyed!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Five on Friday - regrouping!

I know......

Not alot of photography taking place and alot of work not suitable for photography taking you really want to see a picture of my vacuum cleaner?

A finished Sock Madness warm-up sock, the Stroop, Stroop sock.

Another Sock Madness warm-up sock called 'Choose your own Adventure', involving choice of the stripe, the pattern and mixing it up with a dice.

And I am anxiously trying to finish the second sock before the games begin!

I did manage to make a trip with my Mum to Herring Island. This is becoming an annual event for us. From December to April, Parks Victoria run a punt over to the island where there is a permanent sculpture park and a gallery with exhibitions running. This year I wanted to see the Basketmakers of Victoria eachibition, and, as usual, they are fabulous. Lots of interesting work, both innovative and traditional.

It's a short trip over on the punt, costing me all of $2, Mum is free. The advantages of age! It's just a gentle day, where we walk all around the island, seeing how the permanent sculptures are wearing and becoming part of the landscape. We have lunch and then coffee when we get back at the coffee shop directly opposite. Well worth the trip.