Friday, 8 May 2015

Sock Madness number 9 - the first five rounds

Sock Madness (on Ravelry) is now in the midst of round 5. I've managed to complete my kilt socks and have come in as the second person for Team Knit. Only 7 can proceed to Round 6 which reduces to ONE! So I'm posting now, in the anticipation of not being the first finished in Round 6.

At first I thought that I could finish socks in two weeks, unfortunately we're now down to finishing socks in days! I have to be prepared for the next round! Yarn and needles at the ready.

So the socks are:


Cable Madness

Longing for Spring

Mad about the Gals
(Has beads around the cuff - me wearing beads!)

For whom the bell tolls
(Kilt socks, should look good with ankle boots and a winter dress!)