Thursday, 24 September 2015

Stainless steel and silk heaven

I've finally felt like working and with a commission as incentive, I ordered 5 cones of the gorgeous stainless steel and silk from Dairing.

As well, I've finally moved my knitting machine into oldest son's bedroom. It isn't technically his room any more as he lives in a shared house in Thornbury, but that's what I've called it! The knitting machine has been sitting idle in the garage since the closing of TSBtextile in Greensborough, so I was a little worried about the state it was in. was more about me than the machine. It's never been so well loved as I cleaned and oiled my way to finding that I'd put it together incorrectly......twice! It's now singing happily and I've finished the first scarf and working on the second.

I use the knitting machine because it creates the fabric quickly, but also, it is alot easier to simply create folds which give the fabric a 3-D bounce making it interesting. I create different sorts of folds, some just pick up stitches 5 or 10 rows below, sometimes I move the picked up stitches to twist the fabric. And this time with the last cone, I'll try something new.

As well, I'm trying to be efficient and recording what I do and how long it takes, always an interesting occupation.

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