Sunday, 22 November 2015

Found at 601

This was my first full week at 601 Waterdale Rd, and I could choose and select things for the shop and for my use. We sell beautiful things at crazy prices, I'm having to get used to how things work. There are amazing things that come in the skips, some rubbish, but many little joys. These are some that I liked this week.
This is just gorgeous. Inside is a little mirror. Not a necklace, like a tiny purse!

A little pair of vases, beautiful enamel.

A beautiful glass bowl, nobody buys glass, but maybe for $10 somebody will?

I love this tray basket, it would be mine if I could think of something to use it for!

Tiny tins, for tiny things.

I wonder what will come in next week! For more come and see us at 601 Waterdale Rd, West Heidelberg.


Leanne Cole said...

I will have to come and visit sometime, sounds like a really interesting place.

Christina Lew said...

Gorgeous things Teresa - I must come in at some stage soon. Happy New Year! Love from Miss Rosanna x