Sunday, 13 March 2016

Discoveries in books and knitting

I had a week of finding some new books, among them was the following small volume;

It contains lots of patterns with delightfully difficult names like Aggregation, Anfractuous, Phyllotaxy. They all refer to different patterns found in nature.

I've had this idea of using knitting to respond to the world around me and being so taken with this book I've decided to have a go. The first pattern is Agglomeration which refers to two things not totally mixing.

 This is the first pattern I've tried. One of the difficulties is finding the right size of the pattern. It's about 7cm square, which is about enough to do in a day, if required. It might mean that you could knit en plein aire.

More of this to come.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sock Madness 10 has started!

Yes, it's started again.....Sock Madness, number 10. Last year I actually made it to Round 6. Remember the first five rounds: last blog in May. So far we've had two warm up socks and I've just finished the first round.

The first sock, called SlipStripSpiral, is a mix of two yarns in a simple, but very effective slip stitch pattern, the interesting thing is the jogless change of the stripes. One colour is used for the toe, heel and cuff. So for the second sock I reversed the pattern for these. It makes an interesting fraternal pair of socks.

Last year one of the socks was based upon the Stroopwafel biscuit, apparently a favourite of the Dutch and Sock Madness participants. A friend gave me some last year, and, this year, the lovely Fitzie (on Ravelry) has given me more. I don't know if they do make me knit faster, but who's to argue!

 The first round finishes on the 14th March, so if you're interested go see Sock Madness on Ravelry.
I'm looking forward to being put in a team and seeing how far I get this year.