Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tactile - A community collaboration

As part of having a studio at Waterdale road has been my involvement with the Textile Art Community. For most of this year we've been working to an exhibition which has highlighted the involvement of the wider community and utilised materials that other people think of as rubbish. I've co-ordinated a weaving project and there have been a series of other projects. Our opening was last Thursday and a great success with the resulting works looking great in the gallery space, works from each of the co-ordinating artists and a live dance performance.

Speeches were short and sweet! The wonderful Gail, the inspiration for the project and her community tree.

Our dancers...their feathers are cut up milk bottles, and music composed by another community participant

Lots of lovely weavers worked on my piece, only a little of my weaving.

I learnt lace making! There's one I never thought I'd get to, but thanks to a Saturday workshop, conducted on a Tuesday, I learnt a little bobbin lace.


The exhibition continues at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre, and, we're going to be continuing the workshops. So for more information see the Textile Art Community Facebook page.