Friday, 18 January 2008

Sampling the Kimberley

Knitted my first sample for my knitting project - provisionally titled 'Knitting the Kimberley'. I never said I was good at naming things. It's wonderful how the process of sampling sends you in different directions. I'm quite happy with the sample - and I will probably block it - but there are a couple of things it did tell me!
1. Dyeing before knitting is too haphazard and restrictive. I'm not going to be able to predict what is going to happen if I don't control the pattern. So I'll be knitting first and I'll paint the finished piece with these colours. I do like the colours.

2. This is not a long piece it is a wide piece. Therefore I will be casting on 200 sts and knitting for about 20cm - approximately. The only problem with this is how am I going to mount it? Any ideas?
All fleeces have been washed and are drying. Maybe some more dyeing today.
I'm off today to the 9x5 viewing committee to have a look at some new applicants for the stall. Always interesting to see what others are doing.

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Moorecat said...

How about a frame, similar to the ones used for blocking/finishing Shetland shawls?

Thus you'd get the stretched effect, but allow light through, making an extra dimension to the work.