Wednesday, 2 January 2008

You can never have enough books!

It's arrived! all the way from England, courtesy of the Book Depository website. A good friend showed me her copy and I couldn't stop looking through it, much to her delight. The book is 'Knitting New Scarves', and I don't usually buy another pattern book. This is an amazing exception and lives up to expectations as you keep looking through.

There are so many ideas in this book that it was hard picking only a couple of pictures to show you. I like this grey, as it's just slits and she's added the embelishment later. That could be anything. Long icords, flowers are just my immediate reaction.

Creating waves like this is just having a fabric which is either shorter or in this case, different sized stitches on the front and back.

What is also really interesting is the way some of the challenges of making commercial scarves and still make them interesting enough have played out for her. Using garter stitch, knitting scarves in the round. These are the basic ideas I've been playing with. It's really good to know that it's a reasonable way to go.

This book is going to take quite a while to digest. There are even a couple of scarves I'm going to have to knit from the pattern to see how she does it.

If you want to make scarves, make a space in your library for this. Thanks Catherine.

Note: 'Knitting New Scarves' by Lynne Barr. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York, 2007

Note: The Book Depository.

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