Monday, 7 April 2008

Spinning and Yarn Magazine

A very enjoyable weekend spent Experimental Spinning on Saturday. I'm not sure I got much spinning done, but did get to practice my long draw. I thought it would be ideal for using when including 'bits' but wasn't as successful as I'd hoped. Perhaps more practice is needed.
We then spent some time going over our entry for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show which is coming along very well. We've got colours, ideas and can start spinning natural coloured yarns and doing icords to our hearts content. The next 3D5S meeting in April will continue this planning. After that we need to get down to some serious production. Again, the process is proving to be very enjoyable with everyone contributing.
Sunday, I did pick up the bridge cosy and will be displaying it at the HWSG meeting in two weeks. Had a lovely cup of tea on the verandah looking at the beautiful forest, we even managed to be on the same time, as we'd both forgotton it was the end of daylight saving!
I have been poring over the latest edition of Yarn magazine. As you may know, it was in danger of being lost, however, some intrepid people have taken over and we have their first edition. There's lots of reading, which I do enjoy. I don't really collect the patterns. I do like how they range over a wide variety of yarn ideas. Silk being this editions focus. And it's Australian.

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