Sunday, 20 April 2008

Generosity and kindness

It always makes me feel happy when people respond to the different activities that I participate in. In response to the upcoming newspaper and wire Experimental Spinning day in May, I've been sent two references to the most amazing people who spin newspaper and then weave and knit it. ( )

A lovely gentleman came all the way from Traralgon to the Guild meeting on Saturday to give me a bundle of telephone wire he had collected many years ago when hiking! We're going to call any resulting yarn 'Telecom yarn'.

And at the guild meeting, I was given an old catalogue from Coogi. They were an amazing knitwear company and the catalogue is just incredible. There are articles, like socks and ties, I didn't know they made, and the most wonderful designs. Unfortunately, in part because of the cheap copies that came out, they no longer exist. I guess we all have to remember our purchase choices do make a difference.

It was good going to the meeting. We taught an actor to drop spin for a play! Showed off the bridge cosy, which got good responses. And, of course, friends and fun.

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