Thursday, 10 April 2008

Printing at its best

A glorious day. I did a complete change of my cube. Still working out how to keep it fresh and encourage sales. Hopefully optimistic is probably how you would describe my frame of mind. Roll on the cold weather.

As I've decided to use this day to see galleries, I thought I would go the the exhibition at the State Library called 'the Medieval Imagination'. Illuminated manuscripts, including some from Cambridge. They were an absolute delight ranging from the Divine, contemplative to the Secular. I must admit I particularly like the decoration around the pages. The pictures are, of course, important, however, to add this extra beautiful detail just astonishes me.

It made me think of how to do things that are slow. Slow in the creation, as if each part is important for itself. To do something for its own sake, that takes time and effort. I love the idea of the Book of Hours, where for important times, there is something to contemplate.

I wondered in and out of this exhibition, there is a lot to see, purchased the fabulous catalogue and vowed to come again. It is on till the 15th June. Well worth a visit, especially if you like books.

On arrival home, my mail order copy of Selvedge was waiting for me. I love this. In particular an emphasis on paper. As we're going to attempt to combine newspaper and wire at the next Experimental Spinning this is definitely coming along.

I love beautiful things to look at.

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