Friday, 17 October 2008

I do love to weave

It doesn't feel like it this week, but I have been working. I'm onto my next woven wall hanging, about half way up at this point. Again, I'm using a mix of handspun yarn, three different textures, this amazing black tape, like video tape, but not! and also add in some gold wire which I will twist prettily once off the loom.
It's slow as I didn't prepare the warp for this pattern. I wasn't really thinking that far ahead. But I do know what the next one will be...

1 comment:

wordweaver said...

I love the texture, Teresa, especially the ``curly bits'' near the right. That sort of wall hanging so makes me want to reach out and feel the texture. Isn't that what textiles are all about?
I'll look forward to seeing the result.