Saturday, 7 November 2009

Treats and Filous

I love treats, perhaps too much, but there's nothing like knowing your going somewhere and you can combine it with a lovely treat. The treat when going to the Handweavers and Spinners Guild in Carlton is to have coffee and cake at Filous.....just around the corner on the next corner of Lygon St and Fenwick St, Carlton.

This delightful little bakery makes the most wonderful coffee, great cakes and their spinach and mushroom slices are just heavenly.

Disaster has struck. Early Friday morning (3am according to the news report), a car lost control and crashed into Filous. Today is Experimental Spinning, I haven't had a spinach slice for just ages.

In the scheme of things this isn't a great tragedy, except for all the people who work there. However, repairs are already underway, and fortunately, where the car crashed through wasn't where there was expensive equipement and they look like that they'll be back quickly.

The guild meeting is in two weeks, we can just hope.


Moorecat said...

I'm sure we'll be there, sipping our coffees and nibbling on something tasty.

At least it didn't happen during the day, with a shop full of customers...

leannewhatever said...

What a wonderful post Teresa, certainly brought a smile to my face.