Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Don't you just love that, not what you do with a bike and a mountain, but something just a bit better than recycling. That's what I'm hoping to do in my quest to find a non-winter item for my shop and stall. So, in order to further the quest.....

I have bought myself a brand spanking new overlocker!

I've been doing some dressmaking at a local shop and they suggested that I have a look at this very marked down machine from Janome. A great deal is going at the moment on this and also an electronic machine. (Yes, I was sorely tempted, but.....) I went along and came home with the new machine.

Immediately, dearest, came out with a pair of pants that needed fixing......on the normal straight sewing machine. I did give him a quick lesson on the difference and I did fix his pants.

Because of Christmas they're not running their introductory class. Next year I'll learn all the intricacies of overlocking. So right now I'm just keeping it simple.


Textile Tragic said...

It looks a lot like mine, and I love it! Feel free to consult and good luck:)

leannewhatever said...

Overlockers are so much fun, and so fast. You are going to have a ball with it.

Leonie said...

Should have said, you could have borrowed mine for free. It only gets out of the cupboard once in a blue moon or so!! Congrats on the purchase though, they are very useful.