Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mt Zero Art Camp

Mt Zero Art Camp, that's what I'm calling it. As with all good things, they don't last long enough. With a trip to and from, it's really only three days of intensive drawing.

Mt Zero is at the top end of the Grampians, turnoff from Dadswells Bridge. The cabins were basic but comfortable. There were five of us with an extra in the tent out back who shared our facilities. So with good company and plenty of food! we were well catered for.

For three days the routine was to rise fairly early in the morning, breakfast and then head off to the site where we would spend the morning, lunch, then off again in the afternoon.

There would be an art gallery showing each evening and it was wonderful to see all the work, analyse your own and decide what to do the next day.

This was broken with a day at the Mt Zero Olive Farm with a lovely hearty lunch with a glass of wine.

On the last day we also did some sculptural work. I made a small, intimate piece which I don't have a good photo for. So you'll have to just imagine from my photo. I was actually quite pleased but you can't quite tell why?

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ii-ne-kore said...

hi teresa - thank you for writing your lovely comment on my post (and sorry for the massive delay in responding - i was a bit off the grid, weirdly enough, in japan:) and for the kreativ bloggers award, i really appreciate it! and you make the grampians look so good. i always say to myself i have to get out and see more of victoria:)