Tuesday, 13 April 2010

On the road to Harrietville

Getting to a Harrietville weekend is as much fun as the weekend itself. It goes without saying, that good company is a highlight. The driver has to be alert, so you just have to keep talking! (and for some, knitting.....I can't knit in a car....a failing, I know) It's a wonderful way to catch up, plan and dream. However, it's a long journey, so you just have to stop along the way.....

The first stop is compulsory, as the wonderful First Editions live in a big shed at Euroa. As you can pick and choose to your hearts content, it's just good fun. We were the first arrivals, this year. Most unusual. As you see I did make purchases, and a couple are not there as they're already being transformed.
The next stop is the Wangaratta Mills of Australian Country Spinners. They've reorganised and enlarged their bargain room, though I did feel that the better organisation limited the amount of disorganised serendipity. This was an unscheduled stop this year, but we did have a new spinner and knitter on board, who hadn't been there. Suffice to say, I only bought a couple of balls for a customer order. Very restrained.
The next stop was also Wangaratta at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral. This houses the Tapestry 'Into the Light'. This was woven by the Australian Tapestry Workshop, and though it was partially covered for Palm Sunday there was still much about it to admire. A beautiful church and many of the banners were made by local embroiderers and quilters, in all sorts of techniques. Well worth a visit, and with the personal connection that made us stop there, even more special.
On the road Beechworth, where we had lunch in a lovely shaded garden, and a look at The Ardent Alpaca. The softest baby alpaca teddy bears on earth. And I don't think I exaggerate. From some fibre to yarn and clothing this is full of beautiful alpaca products. Worth a look.
The final leg of the journey involved a stop at a quilt shop, just for an experiment supply....really, and the drive through the mountains. This year, unfortunately for us, there was alot of backburning going on, so it was a little hazy. As this is an important function we just admired the view as we drove along. Arriving safe and happy, with a very tired driver and grateful passengers.

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