Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Just some finished things

Here are the finished articles referred to in previous posts. Just so you know I do finish things!

Firstly, the mystery socks. I slowed down once the last page was sent out, and then they sat waiting for the toes to be grafted. Finally, they're finished, I've worn them and I like them. Just perfect for jeans. Now, I need some new shoes.....

Oh, and, yes, I do have different sized feet and therefore different sized socks!

Then there's the fingerless mittens using the Earth Pallette experiment. I found just the right buttons and I like them, they'll be at Rose St. on Sunday.

And, finally the scarf. I am so happy with it. It has rolls, holes, bits sticking out and, I think, reflects my trip to the Botanical Gardens. The picture doesn't quite show everything, but, I hope you get the idea.


Knitspingirl said...

Love the socks - now you just need to find some shoes that allow you to show them off!

Leonie said...

Liking the scarf. If you don't sell it at a market bring it in on Tuesday please????
Good luck with the shoe buying, let me know what the options are, I'm sure I need a new pair LOL!