Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dishcloths, Facewashers and 52 weeks

The lovely people at Knit Picks are doing 52 weeks of dishcloths, I found it following their facebook page. Now I'm usually not a good follower, but as it has coincided with the occupying of my Studio (Oh, you can now follow 'TSB textile - Gallery, Studio and Shop' on Facebook!) I've decided to try and follow these for the duration of my occupancy. I'm not trying to do the whole 52 weeks, just my little bit of it. It eases the pressure, but I'm still behind!

I've done Week 1 and Week 2:

 I want to amend Week 3, because I think I can make the bee look better.

I've completed Week 6:
I particularly enjoyed this one. The pattern does a chain over a treble group, then does a little double crochet into the treble group over the chain anchoring it nicely, and, the edging is a little dc, ch1 into each space, very simple finish, but it does finish it well.

I had alot of trouble with this one. Of course the patterns are from America and I kept getting my double crochet (treble) and single crochets (double) confused. Unpulled and amended the pattern to complete.


These arrive in the early hours of Friday morning here, so I'm trying to get them done on my Friday nights in the Studio (4-8pm). What better way to finish the week: dishcloth to knit, glass of wine and hopefully, some friends. Join me??


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