Sunday, 22 November 2015

Found at 601

This was my first full week at 601 Waterdale Rd, and I could choose and select things for the shop and for my use. We sell beautiful things at crazy prices, I'm having to get used to how things work. There are amazing things that come in the skips, some rubbish, but many little joys. These are some that I liked this week.
This is just gorgeous. Inside is a little mirror. Not a necklace, like a tiny purse!

A little pair of vases, beautiful enamel.

A beautiful glass bowl, nobody buys glass, but maybe for $10 somebody will?

I love this tray basket, it would be mine if I could think of something to use it for!

Tiny tins, for tiny things.

I wonder what will come in next week! For more come and see us at 601 Waterdale Rd, West Heidelberg.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

An exciting new adventure!

It's been a funny year! After finishing up at Greensborough, the previous October, I managed to participate in two exciting exhibitions: the Toyota Sculpture Award and the Wangaratta  Contemporary Textile Art Award. I felt very special being chosen for these two amazing exhibitions.

Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award
With these under my belt, my partner and I headed off to the UK for 6 weeks, finishing with a stopover in Vienna where we met up with friends. An amazing trip.

Like all trips they come to an end and you feel just a little let down, and it's not just the jet lag! It's taken to now to feel that I have a new focus.

Just before going away I was invited to participate in a new venture, the Textile Art Community. Unfortunately, being away for six weeks meant that all I could do was read emails, I did go to their opening, where they were weaving straw animals. This is where I met up with Annie, a friend from my Visual Arts course. She was looking for someone to share her studio and shop and with some trepidition I have taken up the offer.

Annie's upcycling sculpture

601 Waterdale Rd, is a community of people based around recycling and the skips that come in each week. There are those that sort the recycling, and make furniture from what they can. There is ReVamp (Annie) who takes both collectables and makes things into Art, selling them in her shop. And there is the Textile Art Community (Gail) who are also make use of the available recyclable materials. It's a new venture, an amazing place and I'm happy to be joining it.

My space, waiting for a table to a skip...for my loom!
This week was my first week and it's been hectic and exciting as I battle a cold and try and make my part of the studio my own, try and join the activities and help with the shop. It's just been fun.

So, come and say hello, it's an amazing place and you never know what you will find. It's open every day from 10 till 3pm. I'll be there Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. I'll be there at other times, but more irregularly as I try and fit this in with my schedule of other activities.

601 Waterdale Rd, West Heidelberg (next to the bus depot)
10am-3pm daily

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Stainless steel and silk heaven

I've finally felt like working and with a commission as incentive, I ordered 5 cones of the gorgeous stainless steel and silk from Dairing.

As well, I've finally moved my knitting machine into oldest son's bedroom. It isn't technically his room any more as he lives in a shared house in Thornbury, but that's what I've called it! The knitting machine has been sitting idle in the garage since the closing of TSBtextile in Greensborough, so I was a little worried about the state it was in. was more about me than the machine. It's never been so well loved as I cleaned and oiled my way to finding that I'd put it together incorrectly......twice! It's now singing happily and I've finished the first scarf and working on the second.

I use the knitting machine because it creates the fabric quickly, but also, it is alot easier to simply create folds which give the fabric a 3-D bounce making it interesting. I create different sorts of folds, some just pick up stitches 5 or 10 rows below, sometimes I move the picked up stitches to twist the fabric. And this time with the last cone, I'll try something new.

As well, I'm trying to be efficient and recording what I do and how long it takes, always an interesting occupation.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Five on Friday - what on earth have I been doing?

Well, I have been overseas, and yes, there will be photos, but I'm still sorting them out!

Here are my Five on Friday. I have started working well this week and am feeling active, we arrived back at the end of July after 6 weeks away and it's taken 4 weeks (or more!) to get my act together.

From the last experimental spinning, where we worked with Blending boards, I've spun up this, and it's nearly finished! We're at experimental this Saturday (the 5th) where we'll be spinning embroidery threads and the rooms will be buzzing with activity as the Handweavers and Spinners Guild has a Spinning Open day from 11 till 3pm.

I need to practice my weaving and thought I'd try something simple! A spaced warp with a separate warp for a little bit of seersucker. Warp looks good.

Actually weaving very nicely, except the seersucker is just a softness, rather than a bubble. Maybe when it's washed. 

I'm not supposed to buy anything this year, but couldn't resist the amazing fleece from Andyle when the Black and Coloured Sheepbreeders came to the guild. One of the few meetings I attended. It's been sitting in my car.

Thought I'd better spin up said fleece. It's gorgeous, happy so far.

 And I did fit a bit of knitting in as well.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Sock Madness number 9 - the first five rounds

Sock Madness (on Ravelry) is now in the midst of round 5. I've managed to complete my kilt socks and have come in as the second person for Team Knit. Only 7 can proceed to Round 6 which reduces to ONE! So I'm posting now, in the anticipation of not being the first finished in Round 6.

At first I thought that I could finish socks in two weeks, unfortunately we're now down to finishing socks in days! I have to be prepared for the next round! Yarn and needles at the ready.

So the socks are:


Cable Madness

Longing for Spring

Mad about the Gals
(Has beads around the cuff - me wearing beads!)

For whom the bell tolls
(Kilt socks, should look good with ankle boots and a winter dress!)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Five on Friday - Five Finished Yarns

I did manage to do a bit of spinning over the Summer break. I have my Ashford Traveller permanently at our beach house, so I can swap bobbins between my two Ashford Wheels.

I've finally washed the skeins and reskeined half of them, all I have to do now is photograph, measure and put them on Etsy, the least enjoyable part of the job. Anyway, here they are:

A fibre sandwich from the Harrietville weekend, plyed with purple. Have more to go!

Alpaca, with knots throughout. Not my best knots, but always give that little extra texture.

Dyed wool from Kathy's Fibres, purchased at Bendigo, navaho plied to keep those gorgeous colours alive!

Dyed yarn from Experimental Spinning, plied with fine Polwarth from Tarndwarncoot. The fine single was not scoured, so was scoured AFTER plying. The two different fibres reacted differently and I manage to get a slightly more textured two ply.....deliberately!

This is English Leicester and was spun for a non-spinning Leanne who won it at a Harrietville weekend. I think we'll be able to make a pouch for phone and keys when she goes on one of her photographic expeditions.

I've now started several more spinning projects....but I must finish the Samoyed!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Five on Friday - regrouping!

I know......

Not alot of photography taking place and alot of work not suitable for photography taking you really want to see a picture of my vacuum cleaner?

A finished Sock Madness warm-up sock, the Stroop, Stroop sock.

Another Sock Madness warm-up sock called 'Choose your own Adventure', involving choice of the stripe, the pattern and mixing it up with a dice.

And I am anxiously trying to finish the second sock before the games begin!

I did manage to make a trip with my Mum to Herring Island. This is becoming an annual event for us. From December to April, Parks Victoria run a punt over to the island where there is a permanent sculpture park and a gallery with exhibitions running. This year I wanted to see the Basketmakers of Victoria eachibition, and, as usual, they are fabulous. Lots of interesting work, both innovative and traditional.

It's a short trip over on the punt, costing me all of $2, Mum is free. The advantages of age! It's just a gentle day, where we walk all around the island, seeing how the permanent sculptures are wearing and becoming part of the landscape. We have lunch and then coffee when we get back at the coffee shop directly opposite. Well worth the trip.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Five on ffffff....okay Sunday!

A bit late, a week full of events, but very little textile work done.

I did manage to get the first Stroop Stroop Sock done. This is a warm-up for Sock Madness 9, which starts in March. I thought I'd warm up and get used to posting my projects on Ravelry, as this is part of the competition.

Sock Madness 9 Warm-up Sock
The Stroop Stroop Sock

A completely relaxing evening was spent at Melbourne Zoo with their twilights session featuring the always wonderful Paul Kelly, with Vika and Linda Bull, Dan Sultan and some other fabulous guests that I didn't quite know. Zoo twilights used to be a regular on our calendar, but we haven't been for quite some time.

I did manage to get some shots of those animals that hadn't be bedded down for the night.
A new enclosure where you can view the Lemurs up close and personal

Love these birds, the amazing Jabiru
Who doesn't love Koalas?
The last event was the 90th birthday celebrations of the Rosanna Cricket Club, of which my partner is President.

Equipment in the rooms?

 I did take some photos to add to their collection, featuring the current facilities. A great night with lots of stories!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Five on Friday - Chocolate Fleece

It's been a busy week, but no work has been done. The highlights were my youngest son coming home from his holiday in New Zealand and going to the movies with my mother, her Christmas present.

The movie was great....Cinema Nova run a series of beautifully filmed operas from the Met in New York. We saw the Barber of Seville. My mother loves opera and I get to learn a little more, then we have lunch, in this case.

Anyway, my Five on Friday is all about my chocolate fleece; well THREE chocolate fleeces. Given to me by a friend, surplus to a school's requirements, I thought I had three bags of fleece, but turns out to be three fleeces.

I've already given some away at Experimental Spinning, and am processing the rest of that fleece on my wool combs.

The fleece is not particularly good, all the best bits have gone. It is actually a lovely fleece, a bit dirty, but a really lovely chocolate, couldn't quite capture that.

 Part of the deal was to get better at using the wool combs. There's lots of rubbish left over.

Could do with an extra comb, but you end up with a lovely product, ready to spin.

25grams done, just want to get to 100 grams quickly!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Five on Friday - new year, new start, new idea!

Ok, so I haven't blogged much, but after a relaxing Summer holiday I feel that perhaps I need to take a new approach. It is fun and I like the discipline of having to do something so I can blog about it!

Taking a leaf from Leanne and her photography blog, where she has themes for her various, varied and numerous posts, I thought I'd start a 'Five on Friday'.....five pictures of the work I've done through the week. Hopefully, they'll form the basis of more extensive blog posts, but lets start with this.

Here they are:

1. Coming back from the beach, where I've been taking pictures of shells. More food for my A-Z of shells design project, which is a bit slow at the moment because I need to do some spinning and/or some dyeing.

2. Having finally started, after years and years (yes, really!) of spinning a multi-coloured fleece that was a gift from a good friend, to design and knit this fairisle jumper. The pattern is loosely based on banksias and is coming up quite nicely.

3. Knitting more socks. Now I'm trying to time how long it takes me as I want to try out for the Sock Madness Forever Groups', Sock madness 9 on Ravelry. It opens up on the 1st February for Registration.

4. I like to have a few bobbins of fine spun singles to ply with so I've been topping up my natural and purple. I want to do alot of spinning this year, a definite stash busting year!

 5. And today, I went to see Jean Paul Gaultier at the NGV International. It's finishing soon and it full of amazing stuff, though I did think I saw something labelled as knitting when it was crochet!

So, don't forget to see Jean Paul Gaultier, it finishes on February 8th....that is, if you're in Melbourne!